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We are here to monitor your marketing performance and to help you build a strong clientele while building an environment that embraces trust to push boundaries and evolve.

“We help to achieve brand recognition”

About Us
About Us

About Sonat.Co

Sonat Digital Marketing Agency was founded in 2016, aiming to bring a fresh approach to digital marketing in London and the UK. What we do is, collect, analyse and apply business data to digital marketing strategies and continue to support you during and after the process. Our founders have embraced a result-driven approach to tackle challenges faced by each business accordingly. We analyse your business and devise thoughtfully planned strategies that will give your business an edge over competitors and help you build a reputation in no time. With specialised digital marketing strategies, we offer you the next step in your business development. Our strategies have proven results and can be applied to your business to achieve great results in: *Increasing sales *Reducing customer acquisition costs *Improving marketing through targeted marketing and reducing costs *Increasing customer engagement in the business *Increasing brand recognition

We help to achieve brand recognition.

Our purpose is not only monitoring the marketing performance but also building an environment that embraces trust to push boundaries and evolve eventually.

  • - Website Design
  • - UI/UX Design
  • - Website Development
  • - Responsive Web Design
  • - Content Management
  • - Corporate Identity
  • - Content Strategy
  • - SEO Services
  • - Video Marketing
  • - Affiliate Marketing
  • - Email Marketing
  • - Google Analytics Service
  • - Social Media Management
  • - Social Media Paid Advertising
  • - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • - Social Media Optimization (SMO)
We help to achieve brand recognition.
How we work?

How we work?

We work close to our clients, in all sorts of business areas. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, we’ll be happy to hear about what you need, then meet face-to-face to find out the best strategy to approach your needs. We will meet your job requirements no matter what, always on the right schedule.

Key People Behind Sonat.Co

We help to succeed in the digital world.

Can Sonat
Can Sonat Director
Firat Ekinci
Firat Ekinci Co-Founder
Ekin Sigic
Ekin Sigic Lead Developer
Arda Ulker
Arda Ulker Support Team Lead
Doruk Aktepe
Doruk Aktepe Account Manager