We are Sonat Co


We are a London-based digital marketing agency, working to fulfil individuals’ and companies’ marketing needs in an affordable and easy way.

We cater to a wide range of clients and, whether you work from home or the office, we offer face to face meetings to understand your marketing requirements and how we can give you the best possible service.

How can we boost your business?

As Sonat Co Digital Marketing Agency, we collect, analyse and apply business data to digital marketing strategies.
We prioritise a result-driven approach to tackle challenges faced by each business accordingly.
Thorough analysis and planning can be done in multiple ways and results can be measured and interpreted quickly.
Our strategies have proven results and can be applied to your business to achieve great results in:

Increasing sales
Reducing customer acquisition costs
Improving marketing through targeted marketing and reducing costs
Increasing customer engagement to the business
Increasing brand value

How we work?

We work close to our clients, in all sorts of business areas. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, we’ll be happy to hear about what you need, then meet face-to-face to find out the best strategy to approach your needs.

We will meet your job requirements no matter what, always on the right schedule.


Alongside the services above, we offer wide range of other resources, such as professional photo/video shooting, online/offline design, and content creation.

Digital Branding
Social Media
Digital Advertising
Bespoke App Programming


We are confident in our services; our clients are our reference and we encourage you to ask them about us.

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