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  • London Village Inns
  • 2019
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  • Website Design
  • Web Management & Security
  • Responsive Website Design

The Mission.

Our client is a pub chain with 7 branches. We came across London Village Inns two years ago and have been working with them since then, providing website design & management, website hosting & securityy services. Therefore, it was extremely important to make its websites known and that’s what we have achieved as Sonat Co.

Building Concept.

Our team of SEO experts were keen on improving the search performance of our client’s website while many other restaurants in the neighbourhood moved slowly and had outdated websites. To make sure they stay ahead of the competition, we focused on technical improvements and ongoing reviews of the competitive landscape. Another very important issue was to gain more organic followers on social media account, specifically for Instagram, as per our client’s request. Our team have created a social media marketing plan and weekly processed post and stories to always stay up to date. This resulted in a boost on the Instagram account which was afterwards reinforced by collaborating with influencers and professional photoshoots & video shoots that are made. At Sonat Co., we always do our best not to offer traditional marketing services but to come up with customer-oriented tailored ideas which fit today’s digital world.


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