My Buns

Buns BUNS is the home for the juicy and satisfying burgers we all love.   Sonat Co works closely with BUNS to assure the best online experiences to burger lovers. Some of our services to BUNS include: Website Design Website Support Social Media Management Branding Photography Ordering System through our Deliverist platform Website Developer… Read More

Cappadocia Restaurant

Winner of the Best South & East London Kebab Restaurant Awards 2016 & 2018 Cappadocia Restaurant is a high quality restaurant at Southeast London. This award-winning establishment brings the best of the authentic traditional cuisine and an exceptional service. At Sonat Co we keep up with the high standards when delivering our services to this… Read More

Selale Restaurant

Selale Restaurant is one of our main Restaurant clients since 2015. Selale is a high quality Turkish Restaurant on Green Lanes. With expert digital marketing strategies, we have reachd more than 100k (monthly) potential customers within busines radius. We manage all their social media accounts, google ads, google business accounts and bookings through the website.… Read More


As SonatCo Digital Marketing Agency, we do Full Online Marketing for Bun&Bar. Focused on improving sales, we managed and ran targeted ads on their social media platforms. As proof of concepts for our marketing strategies, we have created and promoted special offers. At the end of the month, we could easily track the engagement and… Read More

Nez Hasan

Nez Hasan Nez Hasan is a professional microblading artist with more than 30k followers and customers all around Europe. Several celebrities & influencers have been using her services since she started her business in 2015. Nez Hasan had an article published on The Sunday Times Style magazine. As SonatCo, we have launched her website in… Read More