Sonat Co

Acoustic Brasserie

Concept: Mediterranean Kitchen

Acoustic Brasserie

London, UK

Company Size

2 Branches, Church Street & Newington Green

Services we provided
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Photography & Videography

The Mission

The breakfast and brunch dishes are very popular with local and loyal customers that included well-known politicians and celebrities alike, who have become regulars of Acoustic Brasserie.
Our client has opened its doors with the desire to fulfil its customer’s wishes with quality food and an epic ambience and has partnered with us to expand its digital marketing strategy to increase its online visibility.
At Sonat Co., our mission is to provide unique, successful, and client-oriented digital marketing solutions that add significant value to the brand “Acoustic Brasserie” whilst improving its online presence and generating sales.
We used their goals to guide our marketing strategy and have been working with them since then.

Impressive Results

It can easily be said that we have achieved our goal to make Acoustic Brasserie recognized by a wider audience in the neighbourhood. Our new web design and updated menu design caught the attention of a lot of people including some famous food bloggers.
As of now, with more than +2300 organic followers, the @acousticbrasserie Instagram page is getting thousands of impressions every single day which was another request from our client.
Both on Google and Tripadvisor, The Acoustic has 4.4/5 stars as one of the leading fine dining restaurants in the area.

Sonat Co. is so good at what they do, and we are proud to have been working with them for so long that they are now like an extension of our own team rather than just a third-party supplier. We are always in touch with them, our relationship gets stronger every time we communicate on a daily basis and during weekly meetings. They definitely understand what our business needs and all of their services are tailored to us. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Adil Kolçak CEO - Founder

Building Concept

Our team of Instagram experts made sure that every penny counted for the ads because they know how consumers are flooded with advertising online, and it can be challenging to connect organically with new customers. Simply by building a voice for our clients, we had been working to create a tailored-fit solution for their business needs. It’s been more than three years for us to provide our services to Acoustic Brasserie, as by looking at the results, we’ll be working together for many more years to come.