Sonat Co
Web Development


Concept: Thai Food


London, UK

Company Size

9 Branches (Battersea, Chelmsford, Islington, Maida Vale, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Soho, Westbourne Grove, West Hampstead)

Services we provided
  • Website Development
  • Hosting
  • Tech Support

The Mission

As Sonat Co., we feel lucky to work with customers of different sizes across a number of industries which have different numbers of branches.
BananaTree is a Thai food restaurant with over 10 branches all over London.
Our client knew the importance of the company website since it’s the first interaction clients have in today’s digital world and that’s where we agreed to pursue a collaboration to create a customer-oriented web design & development that delivers significant business results in a short period of time.
We’ve been proudly working with them providing website design, management, and security for over three years now.
The main purpose of our partnership was to create a website design in order to grow organic traffic and to bring new leads that will increase the probability of visiting the restaurant or ordering online in the future.

Impressive Results

BananaTree has delivered great results with our website management in terms of visitors and clicks per day, leading to much-increased revenue and profit.
With the new website design that we had come up with in October 2021, our client is receiving more than 1,000 clicks per day in which some of these clicks are through the order page.
We’ve helped our clients’ website content to rank high on search results which raised the visibility and accessibility of the brand and generated more online traffic.

When we first started working together, all members of Sonat Co. gave their full attention to our vision of the website and guided us through the creation process by patiently answering all our questions. Since finding the correct web design that matches perfectly with customer needs is a difficult task, we can’t appreciate more of their effort in building a design that is professional and efficient.

Haldun Ozkurt Lead Designer

Building Concept

We’ve used our deep expertise and more than ten years of experience in the industry to design a product in the way today’s customers think and act based on how to attract customers when they’re ready to make a booking or order food online. It was extremely important to make sure which trend was right for our client’s business without losing track of their goals and to keep up with the competitors and surpass them. Keeping online engagement always at the highest possible and keeping updated on compliance with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm was one of the keys to success.